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Need a phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with cheap price? Pocophone F1 is a best choice for that! because this device very powerful for gaming with only price at mid price tag.

If you don;t know, Pocophone is a Xiaomi, but with a different brand name. So, for OS, Support, and etc it will very same like another Xiaomi phone now.

Then is a happy things are because for Unlocking Method, Rooting and other is also very same like other Xiaomi phone.

Pocophone F1 using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with 6/8GB RAM, 64/128GB Storage, have a dual main cameras 12MP+5MP and also have 20MP for selfie cam, this device also bring 4000mAh for battery capacity.

So, for easily to you for find full guide, here we provide article about all you need like Unlock Bootloader, Root, Unroot, TWRP and Fastboot.

First, we will talking about How to get Unlock Bootloader status with this method and you must know all requirement must be completed by you.


Requirement for Unlock Bootloader :

1. PC Windows 64-bit recomended
2. Internet connection
3. USB Cable
4. Battery must be above 50%

How to Unlock Bootloader :

1. Completed all requirement above.
2. You need make Request for Unlocking before, please visit HERE
3. Hit the Tab "Unlock", then click Unlock Now button, now you must Login with mi account you have before, need to be remember, Login Account must be same in Smartphone and the web for Request Unlocking.
4. Completing all require information form, “Check” term and conditions and lastly click "Apply Now" button.

5. After that you must be waiting for 1-10 Working Days to accept your Request, in accepted you will get a notification from Xiaomi in Message.
6. If you get that notification accepted for Unlock Bootloader, please visit the link contain in message from Xiaomi send to you.
7. Or download Unlocking Tool Xiaomi HERE.
8. Then open that Tools using "Run As Administrator".
9. You need Login first, remember using same Account when your making Request and Signed in your Xiaomi smartphone for Unlock.
10. Lastly, connect your smartphone to PC Windows using USB Cable, open Mi Flash Unlock and click "Unlock" button.

11. Wait after all finished, then Reboot.
12. Done!

Note ~ Need you know, for completing Unlock Bootloader at 100% that need a several days, because generally for completing all that need from 72 hour to 360 hour.


Requirement :

1. Unlock Bootloader
2. PC Windows
3. USB Cable.
4. Driver ADB dan Fastboot
6. Dm-verity and Forced Encryption Disabler 6.0
7. BACKUP (Potentially erase all your data)

How it work : 

1. Please completely requirement above.
2. If done, rename that recovey to twrp.img ,then copy or cut that file to ABD and Fastboot folder that installed before. 

3. For file Dm-verity and Forced Encryption Disabler 6.0, move that file to Internal Memory.
4. Enter the FASTBOOT MODE by pressing special key volume down (-) and power in same time when the device power off state.
5. Connect the device to the PC using USB Cable and then open Command Promt, locate and targeted to ADB and FASTBOOT Driver folder.
6. Enter the following command :

fastboot devices

If the device connected, the you must enter that command bottom :

fastboot flash boot twrp.img


fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

Then enter the following command here :

fastboot boot twrp.img

7. Wait until the device boot up and TWRP will appear automatically, next step Flash Dm-verity and Forced Encryption Disabler 6.0 for avoid Bootloop problem.
8. Done, TWRP installed in your device,if you want enter TWRP mode, you can access that by pressing volume up (+) and Power in same time when the device at Power Off mode or also you can enter this command : fastboot boot twrp.img from CMD.

Note ~ When you try flash Dm-verity and Forced Encryption Disabler 6.0 but Internal Memory can’t read by TWRP, next step you must using FORMAT action from TWRP, here the article guide for that.


Requirement :

1. Unlock Bootloader
2. TWRP are installed before
3. Magisk

How it work:

1. After you downloaded the Magisk file in .zip format, Copy or Cut that file into Internal Memory.
2. Enter TWRP recovery mode by pressing key Volume Up (+) and Power at same time when the device Power Off state or booting into TWRP mode with command prompt method, here that way :

adb reboot recovery

3. If you can access TWRP completed, do flash files Magisk Root.
4. If alle process done and lastly do Reboot automatically Magisk and Root ability installed in your devices, you can check ROOT status by using apk like Root Checker or similar.
5. Done!


1. Download the Magisk Uninstaller HERE.
2. Copy or Cut into Internal Memory.
3. Boot into TWRP mode by pressing Volume Up (+) and Power at same time when the device Power Off condition.
4. If the device successful boot into TWRP mode, find Magisk Uninstaller file, and do it Flash.
5. Reboot, Done!.


Like another Xiaomi device are using Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, this device also using same method for Flashing firmware, using Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool, method are easily and have 100% successfully.

Fastboot method dosen’t can avoid UNBRICK only, but another problem like Bootloop, Deep Dead, Stuck dan Brick, and also can do it for Upgrade MIUI version.

Requirement :

1. PC Windows
2. USB Cable
3. You can download Mi Flash Tool HERE and then you can also find that firmware you can use at the link provide above.
4. Battery percentage above 50%
5. Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
6. Unlock Bootloader

How it work :

1. Install Mi Flash that downloaded before.
2. Extract the file Fastboot ROM, remember the file extracted is .tgz, so, you must twice extracted that firmware.
3. Open Mi Flash, then located into directory folder you extracted firmware before.
4. Next enter FASTBOOT MODE and then connect that device to PC Windows using USB Cable.
5. Wait a second your device will be listed in Mi Flash Tool listing device connected.
6. Lastly press Refresh Button, after that you can start the Flash firmware, wait for several minutes for process .
7. Done, and Reboot.
8. Done.

Note ~ Because this device have Anti-Rollback level 4 in decision Anti-Rollback Activated, you can’t do Downgrade, if not your device will be Bricked and will very very hard for fixing them.

S, if you want Flashing firmware find or choose same version or higher, if you choose lower version, like we said before, your device will be Bricked.

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